American Church Supply - C Rockelmann Co.
41W699 Foxtail Circle - St. Charles - IL - 60175

Phone/Fax: (847) 464-4140

Steve M. Zanis and Beth E. Zanis


Custom handmade Vestments for Priest, Deacon, and Altar Boy.


Payments may be made by check. We also accept credit cards but due to the fact that we are charge 5% on credit card charges, we are forced to add that price to any credit card payments as of 11/01/2014.

Please call or email for a packet of fabric and trim samples.

We welcome you to come to our place of business but we would encourage you to call and make sure we will be there for your visit.

We have been in business for 63 years!

American Church Supply - manufacturers of Orthodox vestments / Eastern Rite vestments. We make vestments for Orthodox churches (Priest vestments, Deacon's vestments. Altarboy robes, etc.). We sell yard goods used in making Orthodox garments. American Church Supply imports metalcrafts from Greece that are used in the Orthodox Church. We sell to all Orthodox Churches and Byzantine Rite Churches. To contact us, you may phone or write us and we will send samples of our fabrics. You will need fabric samples to see the true colors of the fabric. We are sorry but we cannot take orders from this website. American Church Supply has been in business since 1953.

We can do gift certificates if you would like to give a gift but would like to let them select the fabrics and trims.

We can quote you a price for altarcovers. You may give us the finished size or you may give us the size of the top of the altar and the overhang. We will quote both rayon and metallic. We do not make altarcovers out of embroidered fabric.

We are sorry but we will not make vestments using your fabric or trim. It must be with our fabric and trim.

Our embroidered fabrics will not be sold by the yard.

For email please include the word vestments in your subject to avoid being discarded as junkmail.

We make:vestments for priest, deacon vestments, altarboy robes, altarcovers, liturgical fabrics, galloon, priest robes, deacon robes, altarcloths, stoles, chalice veils, We import church metalcrafts from Greece such as chalices, sick call kits, censors, tabernacles, ect. We also sell fabrics for Catholic vestments but we do not make the Roman style Chasubles. We make Greek Orthodox Vestments.

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